10 Winter Essentials: Complete Your Cold-Weather Wardrobe

 10 Winter Essentials: Complete Your Cold-Weather Wardrobe


10 Winter Essentials

How many of you live in cold, wintery climates? Team Busbee is spread across the U.S. but most of us experience pretty frigid temps during the winter season. While the weather can be difficult to deal with…at least the clothes are fun! We love winter clothing and think it’s cool to find ways to bundle up in style. The key to great style during the colder months is to have a winter capsule wardrobe full of those essential pieces that are fashionable but keep you warm. Today, we’re sharing a roundup of winter essentials that will complete (or refresh) your winter outfits during this time of year!

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coat Winter EssentialsWool Coat

Wool Coat

One of the most important winter wardrobe essentials is a classic wool coat! Erin is wearing a camel, coat by Mackage that is SO soft, warm, and cozy. This color is classic and versatile but you can go with any neutral you prefer…black, beige, gray, navy, etc. There are so many warm coat options that it can be hard to choose one. But if you’re looking for ultimate warmth, you’ll want to make sure your coat is made of a warm fabric like wool, cashmere, or a wool or cashmere blend. The coat Erin is wearing a wrap-style coat, which is very flattering and helps create a waist. But you can go with a classic overcoat, a single-breasted coat, a double-breasted coat, a cardigan coat (only if you live in a more mild climate), etc. Another consideration is the length of your coat. The one Erin is wearing is mid-length but you can go even longer if you need that full body warmth! We linked a few options in different styles, colors, lengths, fabrics, and price points below.

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Puffer Jacket Winter Essentials Puffer Vest Winter Essentials

best coats for winter

Puffer Jacket

The next winter essential you need, if you live in a cold climate, is a puffer coat or jacket. We’re featuring three of Erin’s favorites above. The first is a classic navy puffer by Sam. that Erin has owned for years (and has in multiple colors). The second is a puffer vest by the same brand that’s perfect for those of you who live in a more mild climate. And the third is a longer puffer by Herno that’s the go-to brand for all of the women in Telluride, Colorado, and is Erin’s favorite puffer brand for serious warmth! When it comes to puffer coats or jackets, you’ll want to consider all of the same factors we mentioned for the wool coat…color, style, fabric, and length!

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must have winter outfits cashmere outfit
stars cashmere sweater cozy cashmere sweater

Cashmere Sweaters

If you live in a cold climate, you can never have too many cashmere sweaters. But not just any cashmere sweaters…high-quality cashmere sweaters! Erin’s go-to brands for quality sweaters that wash and wear well, don’t pill, and are warm and stylish are Aqua Cashmere and C by Bloomingdale’s. They are both in-house Bloomingdale’s brands that Erin has been wearing for years. All four of the sweaters Erin’s wearing above are by those two brands. She loves the fabric, fit, and that each sweater has a detail that makes them a little extra special.

winter layering pieces

Layering Pieces

Along the same lines, you’ll want to make sure you have warm layering pieces. This includes sweaters, long-sleeve tops and tees, bodysuits, turtlenecks, etc. These seemingly unimportant pieces are where you can really add warmth. Your layering pieces will depend on your style and lifestyle but we recommend getting two or three pieces that are warm, can be worn on their own, or layered under other sweaters and outerwear. In the photo above, Erin is wearing a black turtleneck sweater by AG Jeans that’s lightweight but warm and layers beautifully under anything. We linked some more classic options below.

How to style leather leggings


In addition to layering pieces for your top half, you might also want some layering pieces for your bottom half. If you run really cold, it’s a good idea to get some leggings that you can wear underneath your jeans and pants. In the photo above, Erin’s wearing a pair of Spanx fleece-lined faux leather leggings. She loves these leggings on their own (when it’s not too cold) or layered underneath jeans when she needs the extra warmth (anyone else sitting at kids outdoor sports for hours freezing their butts off?!). We linked some more warm leggings for you below as well.

Waterproof Booties Winter Essentials

Waterproof Booties

Next, you’ll need a pair of waterproof or water-resistant boots or booties. This is more important if you live somewhere that it snows or rains a lot during the winter months. Erin’s wearing a pair of chic La Canadienne booties. This is one of her favorite brands for stylish booties that can also withstand the weather…because why should we sacrifice fashion for function, right?! These booties have great tread, are waterproof, and have cool buckle details that are on-trend and chic. Some other stylish but functional shoe brands Erin loves are Sorel, Blondo, and Aquatalia. You can go with classic Chelsea boots, moto boots, ankle boots, or whatever your style is! But we linked some options for you below.

Gloves Winter Essentials Tech-Friendly Gloves

Tech-Friendly Gloves

Continuing on with some more accessories you should have in your winter wardrobe…first up is gloves! But not just any gloves…we recommend grabbing a pair that is tech-friendly so you don’t have to take them off to use your phone. And of course, they need to be warm! The pair of gloves Erin’s wearing on the left is by Carolina Amato, a wool blend and leather combination, and they’re so unique. These gloves have a gray, wool-blend overlay that can be removed, folded, or worn as a sleeve. The gloves are very warm and a great price for the quality! On the right, Erin’s wearing a pair of cashmere-lined leather gloves that are also tech-friendly, have a wonderful price point, and come in a few colors.

Winter AccessoriesNeutral Warm Hat Winter Essentials

Neutral Warm Hat

The next must-have winter accessory is a warm hat! This can be a faux fur hat, headband, beanie, etc. It’s really up to you and your style! The black hat Erin’s wearing is from Etsy and sold out but we linked a similar option. The second option is a faux fur headband, which is very chic and glam. But keep in mind that the exposed head means you’ll get cold faster. Both are great options, but we linked some more neutral, stylish, and warm hats below.

Common Event Outfit Formulas Scarf Winter Essentials

Affordable cozy gifts


Next, you’ll need a scarf or two. We recommend getting a few neutral options so you can play around with what scarves you wear with your outfits. Just make sure that they are made of a warm material like cashmere or wool. We linked both of the gorgeous scarves Erin’s wearing below along with some more options. By the way, the oversized scarf Erin’s wearing in the last photo is currently on major sale and 100% cashmere…you won’t believe the price!

cozy loungewear comfy loungewear set

Cozy Loungewear

The last wardrobe essential for winter is some stylish, cozy loungewear. In the photos above, Erin’s wearing two different Vuori sets. If you haven’t tried any Vuori items, just trust us…they’re SO good. The fabric is unbelievably soft and cozy and the fit is wonderful! You can wear both of these sets lounging at home or throw on your favorite camel or black coat, some booties, and you can run a quick errand or pick up the kids!

16 winter essentials for women

Winter Essentials List for women

Winter Essentials List

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Which of these winter essentials are you adding to your closet to complete your warm winter wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below!

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