20 Flattering Tops for Big Busts And 14 Tips For Dressing a Fuller Chest

 20 Flattering Tops for Big Busts And 14 Tips For Dressing a Fuller Chest


Flattering Tops for Big Busts

As women, we ALL have different body shapes and along with that, styling issues or obstacles to consider when getting dressed. Understanding how to minimize AND maximize your assets can help you feel the most confident. Working as a wardrobe stylist for years, I’d often get asked about how to dress women with a fuller bustline. But finding the right tops that fit and flatter a large bustline can be a challenge. Not all tops are created equal! You have to consider cut, fit, color, neckline, cleavage, and fabric…to name a few. Today we’re diving into the best tips for dressing a fuller chest and the most flattering tops for women with big busts. Celebrate your curves!

If you need help determining your body shape AND learning how best to dress it, this post is a great place to start!

flattering tops for big bust

Tips on How To Minimize Big Busts

Tip #1) The Right Bra

Finding the right bra is the absolute, numero uno, MOST important tip for dressing a larger bust! You don’t want spillage out of the top, sides, or back that will look lumpy under your tops. I recommend getting a professional bra fitting at a retailer close to you. This will allow for the most accurate measurement and will help you find that perfect-fitting bra. Soma or Nordstrom are great options. Having the right coverage and fit with your undergarments is key to getting tops to fit well. You want the girls lifted, separated, and shapely! You might want to consider a bra minimizer for extra comfort and support.

Tip # 2) Flattering Necklines

A V-neckline is universally flattering and works especially well for a large chest. It’s subtly sexy and helps prevent a large bust from looking shelf-like or solid (you want to avoid the dreaded uni-boob!) It will draw the eye downward, therefore, taking the focus off your bust area. Scoop necklines, square necklines, draped, and cowl necks are also ideal for large chests. Allowing some skin to peek through at the neck will elongate your torso and give the illusion of a smaller bust.

Bonus Tip: You can also achieve the same look of a v-neck by unbuttoning a few buttons of your button-down blouse! The key is not showing too much cleavage.

Tip #3) Choose The Right Fabric

There are certain fabrics that will actually emphasize and draw attention to your bust. Fabrics like chunky knits, heavy velvets, sequins, satin, and fur can add unwanted volume.

Tip #4) Camis Are Your Friend

You can layer a cami underneath a deeper v-neck to minimize exposure. If a shirt is too low cut, a camisole will help you create a bit more modesty. Be sure to find one with adjustable straps so you can control just how much cleavage you do or don’t want to show.

wrap style tops for big busts

Tip # 5) Wear Wrap Style Tops

I realize I’m not large-busted, BUT a wrap front top similar to the one I’m wearing above is typically a wonderful option for women with a larger chest. There are just certain top styles that will be more flattering on a large bust and wrap tops are at the top of the list! The overlapping fabric creates a flattering v-neckline drawing the eye downward, away from the bust, and toward the waist.

By the way, wrap DRESSES offer the same flattering benefits for a larger chest. You’ll find some gorgeous wrap dresses here.

Tip #6) Minimize Volume

You won’t want to wear a blouse with too many ruffles or flounces. Instead, look for simple tops that won’t add a lot of extra volume to your top half and save the drama for your lower half.

Tip #7) Necklines To Avoid

Turtlenecks and crew necks are not the most flattering necklines for women with large busts. A high neckline can make the chest appear larger.

Tip #8) Say Yes To Larger Straps

If you are wearing a tank, choose one with wide straps to hide your supportive bra straps underneath. Tops with slim straps can look unbalanced causing the breasts to look larger.

Veronica Beard Fauri Shirt

Tip #9) Choose Stripes & Patterns Wisely

It’s no secret that horizontal stripes can make a large bust look wider and larger. Vertical stripes on a body-skimming blouse will draw the eye down. Solid-colored tops or tops with less busy, small patterns are also great options. Large patterns draw focus and attention to the chest whereas solids, vertical stripes, and small patterns take the focus away from the bust and can help camouflage a larger chest. See how the blouse I’m wearing above (limited sizing) naturally draws the eye down toward my waist and elongates my torso? If I had a larger bust, I would probably open a few of the buttons at the neck to create a v-neck effect.

Tip #10) Wear Dark Colors

Speaking of wearing solids, if you are trying to minimize your bust wear dark-colored tops! Wearing a darker color on top and saving your brighter, more colorful pieces for your lower half will draw the eye away from your chest and toward that bright pink skirt or those eye-catching boots.

Tip #11) Avoid Boxy Styles

Sometimes in order to get a top to fit across your chest, you are left with boxiness and bagginess in the bodice of the top that makes your mid-section look larger than it is. Which really isn’t flattering! How do you fix this? Tuck in or front tuck your top, find a top with a cinched waist or tie front, or get your top tailored to get the right fit. You want to avoid a tent-like look that doesn’t allow for waist definition. If you have a larger waist and worry that tucking in your top isn’t flattering for your belly, you can tuck in your top, add a waist belt, and also add a third layer like a jacket, blazer, or cardigan to create waist definition with added coverage on the sides.

necklines for big busts

Tip #12) Add Strategic Bling!

Jewelry is another important factor to consider when looking to minimize the appearance of a large chest. I really love the idea of a short statement necklace or choker like the one I’m wearing above. It draws the eye up toward your beautiful face and shows off that collarbone sweet spot. Longer necklaces not only draw the eye toward your bust but depending on the length, they might also not lay comfortably on your chest. Statement earrings are another great jewelry choice for taking the attention away from your bust line.

Tip #13) Sleeve Length Can Distract & Divert

When you have a large chest, wearing short sleeves that are level with your bust line can visually draw out the vertical line of your bust making it look larger. Opting for sleeveless, ¾, or long sleeves will create an optical illusion to minimize that line.

Tip #14) Choose The Right Fit

If you wear a shirt with a popping button or gaping holes, that draws the eye directly to your breasts. Tight blouses that are stretched over your bust can create creases and wrinkles too while also making your breasts look distorted. I think we can all agree that’s not a good look! You want tops that skim the body and show your shape, but that aren’t too tight.

Now that you’re armed with the best tips to help you find the most flattering tops to fit and flatter your large bust, are you ready to put them into action?

Keep scrolling for 20 of the most elegant and flattering tops for dressing a fuller chest.

Are you a large busted woman with a styling tip to share? Well, we’d love to hear from you! Please leave us a note in the comments so other women can benefit from your knowledge.

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