Coffee Break: Lip Tint –

 Coffee Break: Lip Tint –

A bit of backstory here: about 18 months ago I got an amazing lip tint at Sephora on sale for $5. It was unlike any other lip product I’d ever had, in that the product went on wet, not tacky at all, then the wetness settled into a moisturizing balm, while the stain lasted for hours but below the balm, so (for example) I could wear it with a mask without transfer. It was one of the most comfortable, longest lasting lip products I’ve ever tried.

They have, of course, discontinued it.

This led me to the world of Korean lip tints, which the Jelly Melt was apparently a version of. I’ve gotten a few of them now, including two from this brand Rom&nd, and I really like them. I’m still trying to get the color just right for me — Fig Fig is a bit too warm a red for my taste, while the Plum Coke (pictured) is cute but more of a wintry shade for me — but neither is a big, in your face color.

Note that when you first apply you can either blot immediately, blot and layer it, or just let it fade naturally.

All in all I really like the ones I’ve tried, recommend them, and am definitely going to be keeping an eye out for more products like them.

This one is under $20 at Amazon, and available in 25 colors.

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