Mloukhiya, a typical Tunisian delight

 Mloukhiya, a typical Tunisian delight



Restaurant À Mi-Chemin, Paris le 27 janvier 2015.

What is that this black sauce that Tunisians love?

That is mloukhiya, a typical Tunisian dish ready from powdered jute plant, which primarily grows in Asia and Africa.

Different variations all through the Arab world

Simmered for 4-5 hours with olive oil, boiling water, onions, coriander powder, caraway, paprika, harissa, tomato sauce, crushed garlic and bay leaves, it’s usually accompanied by beef.

Though the result’s – let’s face it – not very interesting, the dish is wealthy in taste and is an icon of Tunisian culinary heritage. Different variations of Mloukhiya exist all through the Arab world, notably in Egypt and Lebanon, the place it’s eaten in soup or with hen.


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