Rostec State Corporation Promoting Development, Manufacturing and Exporting Military High-Tech Products

 Rostec State Corporation Promoting Development, Manufacturing and Exporting Military High-Tech Products


On November twenty sixth, Russia’s RT Information bannered “US ‘military biological activities’ a threat to the world – Russia”, and reported that the U.S. Menace Discount Company (an Orwellian title for an American threat-increasing company) has issued its “DEFENSE THREAT REDUCTION AGENCY STRATEGY FISCAL YEAR 2022 – 2027”, and says that the DTRA doc 

overtly identifies increasing the US’ means to “determine, characterize and exploit adversary WMD vulnerabilities” as considered one of its objectives. One other of its goals is to acknowledge “potential WMD warfighting obstacles” and discover “options” to assist the US and its allies “win through the battle.”

Washington’s acknowledged intention of strengthening the implementation of the Organic Weapons Conference (BWC) has been met with doubt from Moscow. Russia has repeatedly raised the difficulty of the true aim of the Pentagon’s analysis packages at numerous worldwide websites, [but] … these questions stay unanswered to this point. 

In late October, Russia filed an official criticism claiming that US-backed organic actions are going down in Ukraine and requested a UN probe into the matter. The UN Safety Council rejected Moscow’s proposal, with the US, UK, and France voting towards it.

The DTRA’s doc itself opens:

In his Interim Nationwide Safety Strategic Steering, printed in March of 2021, President Biden targeted the Nation’s devices of energy on China and Russia as “pacing threats,” in a frankly acknowledged shift to strategic competitors. Secretary of Protection Austin’s printed priorities for the DoD have performed the identical. These growing methods have revectored the Nation’s nationwide safety curiosity in partnerships and worldwide management; on securing the homeland; and in mounting an efficient, built-in deterrent to adversary use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and rising threats.

The doc goes on to say:

The USA faces a fancy and unstable safety panorama. As recognized by Secretary Austin’s 2021 Protection Planning Steering, China stays the pacing menace and seeks to exchange the present worldwide rules-based order [America’s proposed replacements of U.N.-based international laws] with one centered on [against] Beijing. Whereas Russia doesn’t pose the identical long-term navy, financial, or diplomatic challenges as China, it too is extremely succesful, and seeks near- to medium-term hegemony inside its area. [America demands continued and increased U.S. “hegemony” throughout the world.]

In different phrases: below President Biden, the manufacturing of epidemic-producing pathogens will likely be elevated, as a part of “a frankly acknowledged shift to strategic competitors” towards China and Russia.

Web page 10 of the doc says:



The Company enhances the Joint Pressure, allied, and associate means to compete and, when vital, win towards potential WMD-armed adversaries. Right this moment, potential adversaries imagine that WMD are crucial to form the battlespace, exert coercive affect, and obtain navy goals. The affect of conflicts with WMD-armed adversaries are mitigated by growing counter-WMD technical options, highlighting WMD warfighting challenges and adversary vulnerabilities by strategic and operational evaluation, and supporting DoD plans and workouts targeted on CWMD threats. The Company gives the Joint Pressure, allies, and companions with distinctive perception into adversary WMD pressure posture, doctrine, and programs. Specifically, DTRA examines how potential adversaries plan to make use of and combine WMD throughout battle. This higher prepares U.S. and allied forces for overmatch inside a WMD battlespace. To this finish, the Company will:

Develop our means to determine, characterize, and exploit adversary WMD vulnerabilities; Strengthen goal characterization and servicing necessities for WMD laborious targets;

Develop non-traditional planning options to rising WMD issues, to incorporate stopping additional WMD employment following adversary first use; and

Acknowledge potential WMD warfighting obstacles in addition to potential options to allow the Joint Warfighter to win throughout battle.

However is China, and is Russia, truly growing and producing organic weapons — or is America itself as an alternative truly main the best way towards a pandemic-plagued international future?

On 28 Could 2020, I headlined “The Stupid Insanity of Biological-Warfare R&D” and argued:


There may be a lot hypothesis that the coronavirus-19 or Covid-19 was invented in a research-and-development (R&D) biological-warfare (B-W) lab, which could have been one in China, the U.S., or maybe another nation; however, if that’s the case, then that nation’s complete navy prime brass and Commander-in-Chief (C-i-C) usually are not merely silly however insane, for the next quite simple motive: NO weapon is usable in battle if it can’t be successfully and controllably focused, and B-W weapons can’t be successfully and controllably focused — they’re contagious and respect no nationwide boundaries and due to this fact endanger as an alternative of defend the individuals who dwell within the nation that has such a silly and insane authorities, a authorities that’s doing B-W R&D. Any such authorities (any nation that’s doing B-W R&D) is so dangerous that it must be instantly overthrown by its personal inhabitants, as a result of its personal inhabitants is being mortally and severely threatened by that authorities’s stupidity and its madness: its complete navy prime brass together with its C-i-C should due to this fact be positioned on trial for attainable treason, no less than so as to more-accurately outline the very which means of “treason,” a time period whose which means will not be but sufficiently clearly outlined. (Is there no due-diligence requirement for public servants? Is there no accountability in any respect for any public servant who harms the general public, regardless of how badly? Public workplace entails huge energy, which is why it’s so sought; however, together with that energy wants to return full accountability. Does that exist? If not, is the nation successfully, then, a dictatorship?)

Ever since at least 1952 (and that 764-page doc takes about ten to half-hour to load, however here are some excerpts), the U.S. Authorities has truly been doing R&D (analysis and growth) into using micro organism and viruses as weapons to beat international locations that it needs so as to add to its empire (“allies,” or vassal-nations — not merely pleasant nations however as an alternative governments, together with some barbaric dictatorships, that may prejudicially favor the merchandise of U.S.-based worldwide firms; that is the U.S. international-corporate empire that turned the U.S. Authorities’s supreme international-relations policy-objective to increase globally beginning on 26 July 1945 . That biological-warfare (B-W) R&D tactic was a part of America’s ‘anti-communist’ marketing campaign, and it began on this American imperial invasion mainly against North Korea but also against China. The U.S. Authorities lied and denied that it was true, however subsequently a world scientific workforce investigated exhaustively into the matter and printed the proof which confirmed that it had, the truth is, occurred. Primarily the North Korean inhabitants had been bombed with contagious bacteria, however (as is widespread with R&D) the hoped-for outcomes from this experiment (on this case an uncontainable unfold of a lethal an infection solely within the bombed space) failed. Sadly, that failure (of an insanely silly program) didn’t terminate the U.S. Authorities’s B-W R&D, and the identical U.S. regime stays in place and continues to this present day.

For instance, the good investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva headlined on 20 September 2018, “‘Diplomatic Immunity’ Used to Traffick Human Blood and Pathogens for Secret Military Program” and opened:

The US Embassy to Tbilisi transports frozen human blood and pathogens as diplomatic cargo for a secret US navy program. Inner paperwork, implicating US diplomats within the transportation of and experimenting on pathogens below diplomatic cowl had been leaked to me by Georgian insiders. In response to these paperwork, Pentagon scientists have been deployed to the Republic of Georgia and have been given diplomatic immunity to analysis lethal ailments and biting bugs on the Lugar Heart – the Pentagon biolaboratory in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi.

This navy facility is simply one of many many Pentagon biolaboratories in 25 countries internationally. They’re funded by the Protection Menace Discount Company (DTRA) below a $ 2.1 billion military program – Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP), and are positioned in former Soviet Union international locations comparable to Georgia and Ukraine, the Center East, South East Asia and Africa.

As an alternative of investing within the well being of its personal residents the US authorities has spent $161 million of US taxpayer cash on the Lugar Heart in Tbilisi for analysis on lethal ailments and biting bugs overseas. (©Al Mayadeen TV)

The key facility is positioned simply 17 km from the US Vaziani navy airbase in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi.

The Pentagon biolaboratory is closely guarded. All passers-by inside a radius of 100 m are filmed though the navy biolaboratory is positioned inside a residential space.

I’m being filmed whereas speaking to native residents on the road close to the Pentagon biolaboratory and I need to know why the safety guards are filming me. (©Al Mayadeen TV)

The safety guards warn me that if I don’t comply, present my passport and depart this place, I will likely be arrested. My official request to the Lugar Heart for entry to the power and for interviews has additionally been rejected.

Secret experiments at night time

Nevertheless, I’m going again at night time when the laboratory is seemingly nonetheless working. Regardless of how far the space the air is laden with the odor of chemical substances. This odor coming from the Lugar Heart at night time is blown by the wind to the residential space. Native residents from the Alexeevka neighbourhood, the place the laboratory is positioned, complain that harmful chemical substances are being secretly burnt at night time and that hazardous waste is being emptied into the close by river by the laboratory’s pipes.

Gaytandzhieva there was reporting on what’s clearly a U.S. B-W R&D facility, and so there will be little cheap doubt that the U.S. Authorities is so insatiably voracious as to be putting all the world’s security in danger so as to advance its imperialistic goal.

What use can there truly be for this R&D? Whom does it truly profit? Has any U.S. President, or any member of the U.S. Congress, pressed to defund all such taxpayer-financed operations and to prosecute the individuals who created them? Is there no accountability? The USA has the next share of its inhabitants in jail than does another nation on this planet, and so why usually are not maybe half of them launched and perhaps only a thousand of the important thing people who did this immense hurt positioned there as an alternative? Why is that this not being investigated by the identical U.S. Authorities that created the issue? Is there no accountability besides towards the poorest (comparable to in America)?

There are allegations that the Authorities of China likewise engages on this silly and insane R&D. Consequently, the Editor-in-Chief of China’s World Instances newspaper, Hu Xijn, headlined on Could 18th, “If coronavirus did not originate in China, Trump team’s campaign strategy will collapse” and he mentioned by way of a youtube:

“The European Union is proposing an investigation into the origin of the coronavirus. So long as the investigation is scientific and honest, Beijing has no trigger for concern. I feel that Washington is the one which ought to be anxious. Beijing has maintained that the coronavirus is an enemy of humankind regardless of the place in our international society it got here from. Beijing has all the time taken this stance, which is shared by the vast majority of the world’s international locations. Solely Washington has politicized the coronavirus’s origins as a strategy to divert accountability towards China for the US federal authorities’s ineffective dealing with of the pandemic. Now that early COVID-19 circumstances within the US are nonetheless being found, I imagine the Trump administration has turn out to be very nervous. If the investigation finds that the coronavirus didn’t originate in China, and even finds that it originated within the US, the Trump workforce’s marketing campaign technique will collapse. So long as the WHO leads the investigation, and investigates China, the US and the entire world, will probably be a great factor. If it finds that the virus originated in China, the US political offensive has already spent most of its power. If it finds the alternative, which is perhaps the case, will probably be a heavy blow to the Trump administration.”

If the virus did originate in a Chinese language B-W R&D lab, then the following query is: Who truly advantages from that R&D? All such people ought to be tried on the Worldwide Legal Courtroom (like America’s by no means had been) for violating the prevailing worldwide legal guidelines towards such ‘weapons’; however, additionally, the query can be important to pursue, of why such silly and insane ‘weapons’ are being pursued — who advantages from ANY such R&D. Is it not blatantly clear “that the coronavirus is an enemy of humankind regardless of the place in our international society it got here from”? That’s the purpose right here. The USA Authorities is that this silly and insane, however is China’s additionally?

As regards the penalties that should be imposed towards any such perpetrators, there’s something else that’s clear, and it’s {that a} distinction should all the time be made between institutional criminality that’s unintentional however the end result solely of failure to hold out due diligence — in different phrases, purely a results of incompetence —  versus institutional criminality that entails the CEO’s precise intention to attain some felony aim.


Russia says: “In late October, Russia filed an official criticism claiming that US-backed organic actions are going down in Ukraine and requested a UN probe into the matter. The UN Safety Council rejected Moscow’s proposal, with the US, UK, and France voting towards it.” In different phrases: the U.N. Safety Council voted politically on this — voted solely on a partisan foundation. RT’s article (as is sadly regular there and in all ’information’-media) offered no hyperlink to the alleged sources, the U.N.S.C. debate, and to the vote there on it; however, if Russia’s proposal was phrased in a partisan, as an alternative of impartial, method, then that vote-outcome was inevitable and Russia itself was largely responsible for its failure. Nevertheless: if it was not, then why is Russia hiding from the general public what their exact proposal was? That wouldn’t be very vivid of them. However was it the case? (‘Information’-reporting that hides its sources isn’t any higher than gossip.)

Are OTHER Governments, and never ONLY America’s, producing biological-warfare ‘weapons’ — such UNTARGETABLE mass-murdering ‘weapons’ as these pathogens? Why are Russia and China doing nothing to pressure that concern to the general public’s consideration? Any U.N.S.C. proposal on the matter must be clearly nonpartisan. In any other case, failure on will probably be inevitable, and all the matter will proceed to be ONLY a world political soccer — because it is


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