Study Buddy (Explorer): Mother in China transforms plastic bags into ‘high fashion’ for daughter’s catwalk at home – YP

 Study Buddy (Explorer): Mother in China transforms plastic bags into ‘high fashion’ for daughter’s catwalk at home – YP


[1] A lady in China has trended on social media due to her residence vogue present. She wears attire that her mom product of recycled plastic luggage. The woman’s “environmentally friendly-themed vogue present” was uploaded to quick video platform Douyin final month. It featured greater than 10 attire made by her mom utilizing vibrant plastic luggage.

[2] The mom, surnamed Qi, is from Shandong province in japanese China. She mentioned her daughter preferred modelling and had catwalk coaching. “An thought popped into my thoughts that there are numerous plastic luggage at residence, the color of which is analogous to my daughter’s attire. Why not hand-make some attire for her?” Qi mentioned.

[3] She mentioned her daughter’s kindergarten requested mother and father to do a variety of handicraft homework with their kids. So she was assured in her DIY expertise when it got here to creating garments.

[4] “I’ve made these stage attire purely by following my very own inspiration,” mentioned Qi. “It’s as a result of I’ve watched many vogue reveals carried out by kids and am acquainted with these attire. I feel making attire out of plastic luggage is sort of easy. My daughter is delighted. She instructed me: ‘Mum, you don’t want to purchase me stage attire sooner or later. I’ll simply put on plastic bag-made garments to stroll on the runway.’”

[5] The woman’s video had been considered 5.5 million instances on Douyin as of November 9, with round 400,000 likes. “The attire are extra lovely than these at Paris Vogue Week,” wrote one individual. “The attire are inventive. The little mannequin has acquired swagger,” commented one other.

[6] However some individuals questioned whether or not the garments are environmentally pleasant, with some commenting: “You’ve got wasted so many plastic luggage.” Qi mentioned she had not used many luggage and mentioned they might be reused afterwards as nicely. “A lot of the plastic luggage I’ve used can be utilized once more. For a number of the garments, I solely caught the underside of the luggage with double-sided adhesive tape to different luggage. They are often taken aside simply and be used to carry rubbish,” she mentioned.

[7] China has been preventing in opposition to plastic waste for the previous decade, however it has made restricted progress in decreasing the amount of plastic waste resulting from poor implementation. In 2008, state authorities banned outlets, supermarkets and moist markets from distributing plastic luggage without cost.

[8] The federal government issued a rule in 2020 forbidding outlets, supermarkets, moist markets, food-delivery companies and exhibition occasions from utilizing non-degradable plastic luggage. The China Enterprise newspaper reported that the nation produced 81.8 million tonnes of plastic in 2019, together with 15.9 million tonnes of plastic movie. However solely half 1,000,000 tonnes of plastic merchandise have been degradable, the report mentioned.

Supply: South China Morning Submit, November 9


1. In paragraph 1, the woman’s attire are product of …

A. recycled plastic.

B. discarded styrofoam containers.

C. model new plastic.

D. vibrant paper.

2. Determine whether or not the next statements about Qi are True, False, or the data is Not Given in paragraphs 2 to 4. (4 marks)

(i) Her daughter has beforehand taken classes in strolling on the runway.

(ii) She is an expert clothier.

(iii) She had some issue making the plastic attire at first.

(iv) Her daughter’s kindergarten has requested her to organise dressmaking workshops.

3. Discover a phrase in paragraph 3 that refers to “an exercise during which one thing is made by arms”.

4. In paragraph 4, Qi’s daughter prefers ________ garments to ________ garments.

A. skilled stage; recycled

B. handmade plastic bag; correct stage

C. recycled; handmade plastic bag

D. correct stage; handmade plastic bag

5. Which of the next greatest describes the feedback talked about in paragraph 5?

A. apprehensive

B. humorous

C. mocking

D. not one of the above

6. What concern did some netizens deliver up based on paragraph 6?

7. Based on paragraph 6, how did Qi reply to a number of the criticisms of the attire?

8. What does “it” in paragraph 7 consult with?

9. Based on paragraph 8, the rule issued in 2020 goals to …

A. ban all plastic luggage.

B. promote recycling of plastic luggage.

C. scale back the usage of non-degradable plastic luggage.

D. encourage companies to change to non-degradable plastic luggage.

The woman’s mom mentioned making these attire was easy as a result of she had previous expertise with dressmaking. Photograph: Captured from The Paper


1. A

2. (i) T; (ii) F; (iii) F; (iv) NG

3. handicraft

4. B

5. D

6. that the attire are a waste of plastic luggage / that the attire will not be environmentally pleasant (anybody)

7. She clarified that the plastic luggage used to make the costume might be reused. (settle for related solutions)

8. China

9. C


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