These Remarkable Designer Sneaker Dupes Are A Solid YES

 These Remarkable Designer Sneaker Dupes Are A Solid YES


We’re pretty sure the heavens were listening when we asked for a shoe trend miracle a few years back. High heels have their place, there’s no denying that. But, whoever decided to make sneakers chic…can we buy you a cup of coffee? Or maybe offer up one of our children? The idea of looking street-style cool while sporting your favorite pair of comfortable shoes seemed like something only dreams were made of. But, here we are. Sneakers are cool and you can wear them with everything from dresses to athleisure. So, today we are comparing a high-end designer pair of sneakers with their infamous dupe and ladies…stay tuned because this is a For Less Friday post for a reason! 😉

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chloe nama sneakers | Designer Sneaker DupesChloe Designer Sneaker Dupes

Designer Sneaker Dupes

Chloe Nama Sneakers

Let’s kick things off with this designer pair of chic sneakers. These Chloe Nama Sneakers have been a favorite of Erin’s for years. She’s traveled in them, even hiked in them (although slightly less ideal than walking!), and they have been to more countries than we can count. With their neutral colorway of yummy browns, beiges, white, and camel tones, Erin knew they’d go with pretty much everything. She has styled them with a blazer and trousers, dresses, skirts, jeans, and shorts. Now how many shoes can you say that about? The roughly 2-inch platform adds just the right amount of height to give you an elevated (literally) look. Particularly if you are petite, the added height is leg-lengthening. And the whipstitch details are super on-trend. But they are an investment. The quality, fit, and comfort level are all on point, but surprisingly….so are the dupes Erin and Team Busbee have come to know and love…

Shop Designer Sneaker DupesDesigner Sneaker Dupes
shop Designer Sneaker alternativesDesigner Sneaker Dupes
dolce vita white platform sneakersDolce Vita Dolen Sneakers | Designer Sneaker Dupes

Dolce Vita Dolen Sneakers 

These Dolce Vita Dolen sneakers look surprisingly similar to the Chloe Nama sneakers. But the similarities don’t end there. All the traits Erin loves about the Chloe sneakers are just as fabulous with the Dolce Vita dupes. In fact, she said there really weren’t many differences at all. You really can achieve the same look with these as with the more expensive designer pair. So, in this case, if you are considering whether to invest in the real deal or not, she’d advise you go with the dupe based on the cost difference. They come in 10+ colors and designs…ranging from very neutral to super colorful. Above, Erin is wearing them in the Sandstone which you can find here. We found them to run true to size, but some reviewers say they run small. If you are between sizes, you might want to consider sizing up.

Erin did mention that with BOTH pairs of sneakers, there is not much breathability. This didn’t bother her at all, but if you are someone who has sweaty or hot feet, these might not be the best option for you. You’re compromising a little on the breathability side for that extra platform and height. If you loved the old-school wedge sneaker for the height, but you’re looking for a modern update, this is a really great option. As you can see from the images above, there are SO many chic ways to style these comfy sneakers. They’re easy to throw on when you’ll be doing a lot of walking, running errands, or jetting through the airport! You will have to tie/untie for security as these are not easy to slip on/off.

Do you own either the Chloe Nama or Dolce Vita Dolen sneakers? If so, do you love them? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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